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Management Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA)

Through the courses in the Management major, you will develop knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that will prepare you to effectively manage organizations and the people in them, as well as develop and implement strategies that will lead to success.


Awareness of cross-cultural differences; respect for diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, and religions; and demonstrated openness, inclusiveness, and ability to interact with diverse people. Awareness of the components of an organization’s culture.


Knowledge areas here involve an understanding of approaches to conflict management, including bystander interventions, and what it means to have emotional and social intelligence. Skills include conflict management styles, emotional and social intelligence, and self-awareness practices.


Skill at influencing a group of people to achieve common goals. Ability to motivate, coach, and develop others.

Managerial Functions

Knowledge and skills here involve a variety of functionally-oriented tasks, including human capital management, negotiations, benchmarking, and business process improvements.


Ability to work effectively with and build collaborative relationships with diverse people, work within a team structure, and manage interpersonal conflict.

Understanding the Business Environment

Understanding of the company’s business and strategies and the needs of stakeholders, and ability to see how your work fits into the larger organizational puzzle.