Apply to the Penn State Smeal College of Business

Application information for enrollment in the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

The Pennsylvania State University

201 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802

: 814-865-5471
: 814-863-7590
TTY/TDD: 814-863-9419 (For persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing)

Before You Apply

To be prepared for success in the Smeal College of Business, you should take the following courses in high school:
  • English: four units, including one unit in composition and literature
  • Social Studies/Art/Humanities: three units in any combination of social studies, arts, or humanities
  • Science: three units
  • Math: three units in algebra and trigonometry, including one-half unit of trigonometry or higher-level math
  • World Language: minimum two units with more recommended

Minimum high school requirements for admission to Smeal can be found on the Penn State's Undergraduate Admissions website.

Considerations to Make When You Apply

Apply Early

Submit your application for admission as early as possible. Admission into Smeal is highly selective. Applicants who apply before the application deadline of November 30th will have a competitive advantage.

Consider all Penn State Locations for Your Start

When completing your application, consider starting your Smeal experience at a campus other than University Park. Review the list of campuses.

Penn State's various locations offer you an opportunity to begin your university experience at a smaller campus location. Benefits at these campuses include smaller class sizes and closer interaction with business faculty early in your academic career.

Although University Park campus is the administrative home for the college, many Smeal students complete the first two years of their college careers at other Penn State locations.

If you start at a campus other than University Park, you must complete the first two years at the respective campus before you relocate to the University Park campus to complete your junior and senior years.

Think About When to Start

Many students get a jump start on their undergraduate education by starting in the summer. With a summer session start, you take your first set of college courses in smaller classes and learn the workings of the university with fewer students on campus in a more relaxed atmosphere.

For first-year students offered admission to the University Park campus, there is a unique summer program called Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP). In LEAP, students attend class and live in on-campus housing with a cohort of students with the same expressed interests. 

Transfer Admission

Transfer admission to Smeal is limited and not available to most applicants. For more information, please review the guidelines on the Undergraduate Admissions website.