Penn State Smeal Minors

Information on minors offered by the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

The Penn State Smeal College of Business offers several minors to students looking to supplement their major or explore a different area of business. Minors are not declared until the junior year, after you have declared your major.

International Business Minor

The International Business Minor gives you the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed for a business career that might include international responsibilities. Mastery of fundamental business concepts, coursework in international business or economics, foreign language skills, and an approved study abroad experience each contribute to build perspectives about the challenges and opportunities of commercial activity in a global business environment.

Information Systems Management Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is designed for students of other majors interested in the study of technology-supported techniques for exploring, analyzing, integrating, and reporting business data to facilitate fact-based decisions. The coursework enables you to study basic concepts, principles, and methods for business analytics and to gain an understanding of the best practices for aligning IT-supported analytics with business strategy.

Legal Environment of Business

The Legal Environment of Business Minor presents you with a structured study of the statutory and common law governing the business environment. Students in this program have the opportunity to learn advanced legal subject matter, including business organization structures, employment law, property law, commercial transactions, intellectual property, environmental law, and government regulation.

Supply Chain and Information Sciences & Technology (SCIST)

The minor in SCIST* is structured to provide students not majoring in Supply Chain & Information Systems (SC&IS) or Management Information Systems (MIS) with the opportunity to develop working knowledge of information technology, supply chain management, and their interdisciplinary synergies. The joint minor is designed for professional careers in business, information systems, software development, consulting, and government. The successful minor must, at a minimum, possess basic knowledge of quantitative techniques, computer applications, and microeconomics.

*Note: Students enrolled in the SC&IS and MIS majors are not eligible for the SCIST Minor.