Demonstrated ability to apply academic and practical knowledge in pursuit of organizational and individual goals/assignments.

Through the courses in the Management major, you can potentially develop knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that will prepare you to effectively manage organizations and the people in them, as well as develop and implement strategies that will lead to success.

Through the Task-Based KSA Category, you will gain...

  • Demonstrated ability to apply academic and practical knowledge in pursuit of organizational and individual goals/assignments.4

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Prescribed MGMT Courses:

Course No.


Skills & Abilities

MGMT 326






MGMT 481


Trend analysis

Implementing strategy

Additional MGMT Courses: (Choose any three courses from the following list based on your interests.)

Course No.


Skills & Abilities

MGMT 341

HR management strategies

SHRM best practices

MGMT 355



MGMT 420


Negotiating tactics

MGMT 441

Employment law

Employer branding

Talent sourcing & selection

Selection interviews

SHRM best practices

MGMT 443

Performance diagnosis & improvement Analyzing job performance

MGMT 445



MGMT 480

Consulting methods

Consulting engagement management

Proposal development

Data collection

Process improvement

Business case development

BA 441


Sustainability strategy formulation 



  • Human resources management strategies (MGMT 341)
  • Foundations of negotiations (MGMT 420)
  • Employment law for talent acquisition; employer branding; and talent sourcing and selection strategies (MGMT 441)
  • Performance diagnosis and improvement (MGMT 443)
  • Consulting methodologies and mindsets; and consulting engagement management (MGMT 480)

Skills & Abilities

  • Formulating and implementing strategy (MGMT 481)
  • Applying SHRM best practices (MGMT 341)
  • Negotiating in both competitive and collaborative contexts; and negotiation tactics (MGMT 420)
  • Developing and conducting structured selection interviews; and applying SHRM best practices (MGMT 441)
  • Analysis of individual performance to job objectives (MGMT 443)
  • Proposal development; data collection techniques; business process improvement; and business case development (MGMT 480)