Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Information on the Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship major at the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

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The Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIENT) major is designed to help you develop problem solving and creative thinking skills, along with the ability to spot trends, recognize opportunities, and develop plans to capitalize on high-potential ideas.  Emerging entrepreneurs and innovative managers of small to large businesses must be competent in various mediums of communication, have good negotiation skills, lead with ethics and integrity, and be grounded in business aspects of planning, capital investing, goal setting, and decision making.

Course Requirements

The courses listed below are accompanied by videos from both student and professor perspectives. Click on the course titles to watch the videos. 

Core CIENT Courses

Students are required to take all of the following courses (9 credits):

Core CIENT Courses
Course Videos
MGMT 425 - New Venture Creation Professor Video | Student Video
MGMT 453 - Creativity and Innovation Professor Video | Student Video
MGMT 457W - Strategic Management of Innovation and Technologies  

Professor Video | Student Video

CIENT Electives

Students are required to select three of the following courses (9 credits):

CIENT Electives
Course Videos
MGMT 365 - Social Entrepreneurship Professor Video | Student Video
MGMT 420 - Negotiation and Conflict Management Professor Video | Student Video
MGMT 427 - Managing an Entrepreneurial Start-Up Company Professor Video | Student Video
MGMT 480 - Business Transformation Consulting Professor Video | Student Video
MGMT 485 - Entrepreneurial Opportunity Creativity Professor Video | Student Video
MGMT 486 - Entrepreneurial Investment and Resource Acquisition Professor Video | Student Video

Recommended Course Sequence

Visit the CIENT webpage to view the sequence.

Careers in CIENT

The CIENT major is designed for students interested in managing innovation, re-inventing current businesses, supporting a family business, or starting up new businesses with the intent of growing the economy, and providing jobs for a diverse workforce. By taking this major, students may prepare themselves to launch a new company or pursue professional employment in one of the following business domains:

Careers in CIENT
Corporate Innovation Entrepreneurship
Consulting Start a New Venture
Project Management Work for a Small Business
Business Operations Further a Family Business
Customer Development Work for a Company Investing in Small Business

Graphic depicting CIENT employment percentages by industry.

Full Time Employment

For the Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Major, students have been placed in the following industries after graduation: Tech/Science: 25%, Consulting Services: 25%, Financial Services: 17%, Sports/Leisure: 8%, Petroleum/Energy: 8%, Other: 17%.

Graphic depicting CIENT's average income, signing bonus, and percentage of those who received a bonus.


After graduation, CIENT students obtain on average $69,750 with a Full-Time Salary. The average signing bonus CIENT students are receiving is $6,300 with about 56% of graduates receiving a bonus.


CIENT Highlights

Consider some of the other factors that help to enhance the environment for CIENT students in the Smeal College of Business. Click the images to learn more about each organization.


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Interested in learning more about the CIENT Major? Watch our recorded information sessions - CIENT Journey & Opportunities Night 1 and CIENT Career Paths Night 2.

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Department Chair

Dr. Vilmos Misangyi

Professor of Strategic Management, Earl P. Strong Professorship of Executive Education in Business Administration, Chair of Management and Organization Department

CIENT Undergraduate Major Coordinator

Travis Lesser

Instructor of Entrepreneurship