Ability to work effectively with and build collaborative relationships with diverse people, work within a team structure, and manage interpersonal conflict.

Through the courses in the Management major, you can potentially develop knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that will prepare you to effectively manage organizations and the people in them, as well as develop and implement strategies that will lead to success.

Through the Teamwork/Collaboration KSA category, you will gain

  • Knowledge here includes an understanding of the drivers of team effectiveness and team-level approaches to managing diversity.
  • Skills include the ability to work in teams, collaborate with others, and build inclusive teams.

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Prescribed MGMT Courses:

Course No.


Skills & Abilities

MGMT 326

Drivers of team effectiveness

Teamwork/ Collaboration




MGMT 481



Additional MGMT Courses: (Choose any three courses from the following list based on your interests.)

Course No.


Skills & Abilities

MGMT 341



MGMT 355



MGMT 420



MGMT 441



MGMT 443


MGMT 445

Team-level approaches to managing diversity

Inclusive team building

MGMT 480

Client relationship management

Proposal development

Project & change management

BA 441





  • Drivers of team effectiveness (MGMT 326)
  • Team-level approaches to managing diversity (MGMT 445)
  • Client relationship management (MGMT 480)

Skills & Abilities

  • Teamwork/Collaboration (MGMT 326)
  • Inclusive team building (MGMT 445)
  • Proposal development; project and change management; and team building (MGMT 480)