Information on the Smeal undergraduate curriculum including requirements to entering a major.

The Smeal curriculum is designed to build foundational knowledge in critical areas of business, while preparing you to enroll in one of our eight unique majors. Your first two years will be focused on completing prescribed coursework necessary to enter a major within the college, beginning with the First Year Seminar, which provides an overview of those majors. The remaining required courses cover core business topics, math, and language requirements. 

First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar (PSU 6) is a 1-credit course designed for students interested in business. Course topics will assist you in the transition to college life, introduce learning tools and University resources, explore awareness of self and others, draw connections to the business world, and facilitate major and career exploration. The skills learned in this course will be presented as life-long skills, applicable in the university setting and the corporate environment.

Entrance to Major Courses

Entrance to all Smeal majors requires the completion of prescribed entrance to major courses.

Smeal Business Core

The business core is comprised of four courses all Smeal students must take prior to graduation. They include a management, marketing, finance, and supply chain management course. 

Selecting a Major

Once you have completed entrance to major courses and requirements, you can begin to tailor your academic experience through selection of a major in your area of interest. Major coursework can then be supplemented with extracurricular involvement in one of our more than 40 student organizations; co-op or internship programs; or with one of four Smeal business minors or a number of minors offered by the University.