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About Education Abroad

In an increasingly globalized economy, Smeal students are strongly encouraged to internationalize their undergraduate education. Study abroad is an opportunity to enhance the academic experience and grow personally as well as professionally. Education abroad also satisfies requirements toward the International Business minor.

“My study abroad experiences helped me jump out of my comfort zone, be independent, make new friends, and learn a new language.”
— Christy Grezeszak, Supply Chain & Information Systems

“The first time I truly began to grasp the enormity of the world we live in, and had the opportunity to immerse myself in another country’s culture and way of life was during my study abroad semester in Rome.”
— Nicole Brestowski, Marketing

Internationalize Your Academic Experience

Penn State offers more than 100 study abroad and international internship programs worldwide that are carefully chosen for their strong educational curriculum. Students in all majors are encouraged to identify a study abroad experience that strengthens and enriches their academic and career goals.

Study Abroad Benefits

  • Improve confidence and stand out among peers
  • Broaden perspective of different people and economies
  • Cultivate understanding and tolerance for ambiguity
  • Improve intercultural communication and foreign language skills
  • Earn 6-12 credits toward the International Business minor
  • International internships available in many programs

Department Contacts

Associate Dean for International Programs

Jeff Sharp

International Programs Coordinator

Vanessa Hausmann

International Programs Coordinator

Elizabeth Labrin