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The Pennsylvania State University

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Program for Undergraduates Meets CPA Standards

To be licensed as a certified public accountant (CPA) in nearly every state, including Pennsylvania, individuals must complete 150 credit-hours of college-level study. To fulfill this educational requirement, Smeal offers a five-year, undergraduate-graduate curriculum, the Integrated MAcc Program.

Becoming a CPA opens doors to opportunities not only in accounting firms but also across the business landscape. The Integrated MAcc Program prepares students to enter careers in public accounting, corporate accounting, management accounting, and governmental accounting, as well as corporate finance, financial analysis, and law enforcement.

Program Description

Students enrolled in the Integrated MAcc Program begin their coursework in the fall of their junior year. Undergraduate- and graduate-level coursework is combined in the final two years of the program. Students graduate with both a Master of Accounting degree in addition to a Bachelor of Science Accounting degree in just five years and are prepared to sit for the CPA Exam.

  • The Integrated MAcc Program coursework begins in the fall semester of the junior year and continues for five semesters at University Park. Students must perform a professional internship as a part of the program requirements, usually resulting in a permanent job opportunity.
  • Take advantage of dedicated course sections reserved for students in the Integrated MAcc program. Some coursework counts toward both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees.
  • Coursework involves extensive data and business analytics which prepares students for the professional work environment they will enter.
  • The program includes opportunities to focus electives in audit or tax coursework.
  • Consult with a dedicated MAcc-only academic adviser about course selections and career choices.
  • Access the broad and deep pool of recruiters who come to Smeal to hire new talent every year. Placement rates are consistently near 100 percent at graduation.
  • Complete the same leadership communications training that has been a hallmark of Smeal’s MBA Program for decades.

Admissions Process and Tuition Information

Your opportunity to apply to the Integrated MAcc Program is early in the spring semester of your sophomore year.

Admission to the Integrated MAcc Program is competitive and enrollment is limited. The Accounting Department at Smeal bases its acceptance decisions on SAT scores and performance at Penn State, with particular emphasis on courses that are indicators of aptitude for a more rigorous accounting program. In addition, the department may require successful completion of an exam to test mastery of ACCTG 211 material, and may also request an interview.

To learn more about admission to the Integrated MAcc Program and to apply, visit

Tuition in the Integrated MAcc Program is at the undergraduate-level rate for business students as set by the University with an additional $4,750 tuition differential fee for graduate-level course offerings and administrative costs.

Sample Semester-by-Semester Schedule for Integrated MAcc Program Courses

(Subject to change)

Junior Year*

Fall Courses Spring Courses

ACCTG 404: Managerial Accounting

ACCTG 432: Accounting Information Systems

ACCTG 405: Principles of Taxation I

ACCTG 472: Intermediate Accounting II

ACCTG 471: Intermediate Accounting I

MIS 301: Management Information Systems

Senior Year

Fall Courses Spring Courses

ACCTG 403W: Auditing

ACCTG 495: Internship

BA 817: Leadership Communications


BA 840: Business Data Management


Graduate Elective


Fifth Year**

Fall Courses Spring Courses

ACCTG 573: Financial Reporting

Graduate Elective

BA 841: Business Intelligence

Graduate Elective

BLAW 444: Advanced UCC and

Commercial Transitions


FIN 531: Financial Management


*Students interested in doing a study abroad should plan on doing so either during the fall or spring semester of their junior year, or during the summer.

**A list of the available graduate electives can be found at: