MGMT 480: Business Transformation Consulting


  • Consulting industry and the nature of professional services firms (Understanding the Business Environment)
  • Aligning business process to strategy (Understanding the Business Environment)
  • Consulting methodologies and mindsets (Managerial Functions)
  • Consulting engagement management (Managerial Functions)
  • Client relationship management (Interpersonal/Relational – Emotional and Social Intelligence; Teamwork/Collaboration)

Skills & Abilities

  • Proposal development (Managerial Functions - Consulting; Teamwork/Collaboration)
  • Data collection techniques (Managerial Functions - Consulting)
  • Benchmarking (Managerial Functions)
  • Project and change management (Leadership/Influence; Teamwork/Collaboration)
  • Team building (Teamwork/Collaboration)
  • Business process improvement (Managerial Functions - Consulting)
  • Business case development (Managerial Functions - Consulting)
  • Report writing and presenting; communication plans; and meeting management (Interpersonal/Relational - Professional Skills & Communication)